Laser Maze

This popular attraction has just been updated and now has TWO different games! Avoid the lasers in the Laser Maze Challenge OR Break as many laser beams as you can in Beam Buster!

In the Laser Maze Challenge, your mission is to reach each wall of the room and press the buttons before exiting without tripping the lasers that are emitted from each wall.

There are 4 difficulty levels, with each difficulty increase more lasers are added to the room. Fastest time wins, can you avoid the lasers and get your name at the top of the leaderboard?

In Beam Buster, your mission is to break as many beams as possible in the time limit. Most beams broken wins!

AND – both games can be played solo or 2 player cooperatively!


  • 1 Play: $2
  • 10 Play: $15