Virtual Reality Games

These are the games we are currently offering for our Virtual Reality Attraction. Be sure to check back often as we plan on adding games regularly! Click here to learn more about the attraction itself!

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Tilt Brush

Bring your art to the third dimension with Google’s Tilt Brush! Choose from three pages of dynamic brushes to make your art come alive, like fire, bubbles, snow, duct tape, and more! Use some of the builtin tools to accomplish your vision or try new things!

  • Mirror mode – Draw something one time and get a copy of it on the other side of the mirror. Great for when you want to make something symmetrical. Try grabbing and spinning it!
  • Teleport – Our room just not big enough for our massive art project you have in mind? Well you can just teleport anywhere you want around your project and add detail.
  • Scale – Draw something small, then scale it up until it’s the size of a dinosaur or larger! Alternatively bring it down to the size of a bug! Add detail that would have been difficult on a static canvas.
  • And much more!

Job Simulator

Work in one of four simulated “jobs” and solve small puzzles or tasks the game throws at you, or just explore the tools given in the space provided! The four possible jobs are:

  • Office Worker – Eat donuts, drink coffee, throw paper airplanes around, and play games on the computer all while pretending to work!
  • Gourmet Chef – Make a classic great egg and bacon breakfast, or come up with your own wild creations like “Flower, Tomato, and Crumpet Soup”
  • Store Clerk – Handle the cash register and manage customers and their weird requests
  • Auto Mechanic – “Fix” problematic cars by repainting them pink, replacing their tires with donuts, replacing their battery with a nuclear core, and more!

Space Pirate Trainer

Blast wave after wave of robots out of the sky with six different weapons, see if you can get on the high score table!

  • Quarkcannon – Traditional single-shot weapons. Powerful but require precision!
  • Pulse Laser – A more rapid-fire solution.
  • Ion Grenade – Launch a grenade into a wave of robots and pull the trigger again to detonate.
  • Shotworks – Flak-cannon style weapon that will deal a lot of damage to close targets.
  • Railgun – Charge up for one powerful blast! Able to take out most enemies in one hit but requires extreme accuracy.
  • Raygun – Solid laser beam weapon. Cross the streams for a huge damage boost!

Fruit Ninja VR

The classic game on the phone, now fully immersive! Feel like a true ninja as you slice fruit in a whole new dimension. All your favorite modes are still here:

  • Arcade – 60 seconds of fruit slicing action. Bombs deduct 10 points and you are just going for the high score!
  • Classic – 3 faults and it’s over! One fault for letting an unsliced piece of fruit hit the ground and an automatic failure for hitting a bomb.
  • Zen – Need to get some pent-up fruit anger out? Just slice up fruit for 90 seconds without the worry of bombs or failure.
  • Survival – Slice fruit blasted out of a cannon at you. Can you get them all without any hitting the ground?

The Lab

Enter into the lab and try out a whole host of minigames and experiences!

  • Longbow – defend your castle against hordes of intruders with your trusty bow!
  • Slingshot – Use a giant slingshot to topple towers in this Aperture Science-themed warehouse
  • Robot Repair – Something is wrong with one of the robots, just a quick fix. What could go wrong?
  • Xortex – Similar to old-school shmup’s, pilot your spaceship in three dimensions to avoid enemy fire and take them out!
  • Vesper peak – Play fetch with an adorable robot dog in some breathtaking landscapes.
  • And more!


Climb up walls and jump across chasms in this adrenaline-filled experience! Climbey puts you in the role of a free climber who can scale just about any vertical wall. Can’t reach that next ledge? Try pushing off with one hand and catching yourself with the other!

Warning: May not be suitable to those unaccustomed to Virtual Reality. A great choice for those who are looking for something more intense than the other experiences we offer.


Experience the beauty of the planet’s oceans with three amazing scenes that put you in the middle of it all!

  • Get an incredible up-close encounter with an 80-foot blue whale
  • Explore the life surrounding a coral reef including massive turtles and a bloom of jellyfish
  • Explore the dark depths of the deepest region of the ocean.

Both a great introduction to VR for those unaccustomed to it, as well as something different and amazing to those who have tried the other games we have to offer.


Laser Web’s Virtual Reality flight experience! Pilot your own ultralight aircraft and explore the 4 islands of the game, then complete different challenges that test your aircraft handling abilities. Different comfort settings make this great for all ages and VR experience levels!

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More to Come

Check back often, as our Virtual Reality game library is always changing!